Use The NHS Operating Framework Update To Land More NHS Projects – Live Webinar and Q&A for pharmaceutical, med-tech, and device teams 

Understanding the NHS is only half the battle to landing your projects. You need to engage key contacts in the NHS - and get them to listen - if you are to withstand the ever-evolving landscape right now. 

While pharmaceutical, med-tech, and device market access teams are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges faced by the NHS, customer engagement remains one of the greatest obstacles when selling to the NHS.  

It’s frustrating when you can’t move forward and get your project the exposure you know it deserves. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I landed 53 projects with the NHS for my clients last year alone – by identifying how the constraints of the NHS open up new opportunities. 

Now as the NHS Operational Planning Guidance has finally been published, the playing field has changed all over again. But don’t worry, - there are a raft of opportunities it has opened up that you won’t want to miss out on. 

To answer demand for insight on how to take advantage of the latest updates, I will be running a live webinar and Q&A on April 24, from 1-2pm, to help you improve how you sell to the NHS by identifying ways you can capitalise on the current agenda. 

This Q&A will help you understand: 

  • The overarching priorities for 2024/25 
  • The NHS financial position and the targets ICBs have been set  
  • The priority areas from the guidance that could open doors for you  
  • How to reposition your approach  
  • How to reap the rewards you deserve 

Selling to the NHS doesn’t need to be a headache 

I spent a decade selling to the NHS for major pharmaceutical companies, and have been embedded within the NHS as a management consultant for almost 20 years. I have an astute understanding of the challenges faced by all sides involved in the NHS industry and am happy to share this with you. 

I also support pharma, med tech and device firms to land their value-added projects by opening people’s eyes to the opportunities and innovations out there to improve pathways to care and transform outcomes for both the NHS and patients. I can show you how you can achieve this for your business in this 60-minute Q&A packed with top tips and working practice examples. 

If you attend the Q&A, on April 24, from 1-2pm, you will also receive a copy of my new guide to Building The Case for Change (And how to avoid the pitfalls of unfunded work) 

Don’t get left behind. Register for the webinar here and feel empowered to take on your competition and achieve the sales success you deserve. 

If you are unable to attend and would still like to find out more about my sales coaching and mentoring services for teams and individuals to help you sell more effectively to the NHS, please schedule a no-obligation call and let’s have a chat.