Get The Help You Need To Ease Primary Care Workloads 

Management support programme with coaching and workshops
to help your whole PCN or GP Practice thrive

Utilise latest initiatives to your advantage

Understand how to hit your objectives

Learn from real-world examples of success

Soaring waiting lists and staff shortages don’t have to be the norm

When you’re swamped with work you can forget what day it is, never mind find the time to work out how to boost your practice services, relieve workload pressure and improve patient experiences. Considering the unprecedented challenges facing Primary Care Networks and GP practices right now, that is frustrating. You need a fast track to identify the initiatives that will cut your backlogs, relieve pressure on your team, ensure smooth running of your network and get patients treated fast.

Supporting your PCN or GP Practice to optimise opportunities

The NHS can be a minefield of jargon, acronyms and insider language. Navigating that language is tough enough. Utilising the various schemes, initiatives and funding opportunities to reduce workload burden feels out of reach entirely. That’s why, as an NHS Management consultant experienced in rolling out NHS programmes and devising best practice solutions, I offer a 12-month support programme to help you make the most of the Direct Enhanced Service (DES) and the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) through regular workshops, coaching and consultation time designed to fast-track your success.

What’s included:

  • Quarterly workshop and review for your team
  • 1-2-1 coaching time
  • Planning and management consultation
  • Process mapping and tracking of progress against targets and objectives
  • Process templates
  • Ongoing updates on projects and ideas for you to consider
  • Same-day email and telephone support

Build a culture that engages your team

Your staff don’t deserve to feel overwhelmed and burnt out at the end of every day. They should thrive and feel motivated to bring fresh ideas to the table. We'll work together to create a positive working culture.

Make the time to develop a plan

Planning is a necessity but often becomes a luxury as mile-long waiting lists suck up your time. Together we’ll develop a workable, robust plan with realistic goals to help you stay focused.

Save money while tackling workloads

Throwing money at a problem is rarely the answer. Learn how to implement simple processes to streamline your operations and build in cost efficiencies. Bring your overheads down while taking pressure off your team.

Refine your practice development ideas

Hone in on operational capabilities

Devise realistic plans to meet objectives


“I have worked with Scott in my various roles on projects over the years and more recently in my role as Director of Primary Care Warwickshire GP Federation. Scott is an exceptional and inspirational leader, self-motivated and is dedicated to the success of the projects he works on. He is forward-thinking and always ahead of the curve. His knowledge base is phenomenal and helped us not only in the formation of our Federation but on a continuing basis. Scott has a powerful personality which wins him the respect of those he works with and his ingenuity keeps us on our toes! Scott is highly recommended”.

Lynn Slater - Director, Primary Care Warwickshire Ltd

Take the pressure off and start making progress toward your goals

Whether you’re running a rural GP practice or a sprawling urban PCN, our workshops are designed to guide you through the forest of legislation straight to the heart of what you need to be doing. With more than 18 years experience as an NHS Management Consultant I’ve worked with dozens of clients including PCNs, GP Federations and many General Practices. I’ve devised foolproof best practice techniques to cope with rising waiting lists and an overworked team.

Ready to make real progress?

Have a sustainable organisation that leaves patients delighted

Benefit from innovations

Harness our unique market insight to understand the innovations available which could help transform and future proof your practice, PCN or GP federation.

Improve staff recruitment & retention

We'll work with you to create a positive working culture where staff no longer feel overloaded and your practice is a place where people thrive and want to work.

Scale up with support at hand

Scaling up is a big decision, whether you are a single practice or a PCN. Benefit from our significant experience helping practices scale at every level.

Be more efficient

I can help you implement simple processes and practices that will streamline your operations and create a more efficient service.

Realise your vision

We'll help you develop an achievable plan, with realistic goals to help you stay focused and measure your progress. Your vision need not be out of reach.

Reduce your overheads

Together we will identify ways to reduce your overheads and make strategic cost savings to get your finances back on track.


I am delighted to recommend Scott McKenzie as a brilliant facilitator and fount of knowledge on all things PCN and NHS related.

We at Salutem PCN have had the pleasure of working with him over the last 5 years both in City wide meetings and, in particular, when he has led regular workshops for both the PCN Board and the wider PCN staff.

We have found him to be extremely wise and helpful in enabling us to grow and develop as a PCN in multiple ways. He is always organised and reliable and I greatly appreciate the time and effort he puts in to ensure that his presentations are specifically attuned to the needs of our PCN. I find him to be an excellent communicator, enjoyable, positive, and thought provoking.

I have also personally found him to be a great support to me when the PCN has gone through some rough patches.

I and the PCN Board greatly appreciate his input over the last few years.

Dr Aileen Tincello

Clinical Director - Salutem PCN

“As a Federation we have been working with Scott on our organisational development for a number of years.  We benefit from his breadth of knowledge and perspectives from across the country which you are not always aware of when working day-to-day.  As a senior leadership team it is great that Scott will work with us to plan sessions but then he’ll deliver them independently allowing us to focus on discussion and participation rather than multi-tasking.  We have moved forward significantly over the past 2 years and Scott is able to strike a great balance between encouraging us (by calling us one of his favourite Federation/PCNs) and challenging some of the thinking that can hold us back during difficult conversations.”

Laura Norton


Our workshops are ideal for:

  • GPs
  • PCN Managers
  • Commissioners
  • Additional Roles Teams
  • Clinical Directors
  • Pharmacists
  • Federation chairs
  • Federation Directors

If you’re struggling to identify your main areas of focus, what your priorities are and how you’re going to achieve them, we can help. Our workshops cover every aspect of NHS primary care management. We can show you what GP practices and PCNs in your shoes have done and introduce the structures you need to make this happen so you can refine your practice development ideas, focus on operational capabilities and devise realistic plans to meet your objectives.

Case Study For Primary Care Warwickshire Ltd

Female customer shaking hands with real estate agent agreeing to sign a contract standing in new modern studio apartment.

With changes to General Practice and the way the NHS worked, it was recognised that a GP federation was needed across NHS Warwickshire North CCG to serve the 183,000 patient population there and ensure a model of primary care for the future. Scott McKenzie helped establish and nurture a Primary Care Network that is now a thriving £multi-million business delivering excellent services for its community.

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Discover the simple way to ease workload pressures:

  • Step 1. Schedule a call.
    We’ll work through the challenges you’re facing and start exploring the potential solutions.
  • Step 2. Plan your success.
    We’ll work out which indicators to tackle, draw up a full accountability structure and establish how you will measure and evaluate progress every month to make sure you stay on track.
  • Step 3. Build a structure that gets results
    Watch the waiting lists come down, the pressure start to ease and your patients get the outcome they deserve.

Ready to move your GP practice, PCN or GP Federation forward?

It’s time to stop feeling helpless and confused about how you can make headway with your practice. Get the tools to feel empowered to hit your objectives, cut your waiting lists and deliver patients the treatment they deserve.

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