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Sustainable general practice shouldn't feel out of reach

Running a successful general practice, PCN or GP federation is tough. With so much to juggle it can be easy to lose sight of what's best for the business. You can't fix all the problems no matter how many hours you put in, so it sometimes feels overwhelming. And sustainability feels further away than ever. You sometimes feel like throwing the towel in.

Leading a stellar practice, PCN or GP federation doesn't have to feel this hard. As a healthcare professional, when you need guidance you always have a specialist to refer to. It should be no different for your business. Here's the thing, you don't need all the answers, because expert business advice is at hand.
And it's never too late to make your organisation a success.

Scott McKenzie Consultancy Clients Include:

Running a business is tough

I understand the pressure you are under. I have worked with NHS practices, PCNs and GP federations across England, so I understand the challenges you face.
As an NHS management consultant, I believe our General Practice is the jewel in the crown of our health service. That's why I’ve supported GPs for 15 years with:
● overseeing successful mergers
● forming more than 50 GP Federations.
● developing primary care networks
● setting up new CCG contracts, hospital subcontracts and pathways
● troubleshooting
I've taken organisations from the brink of collapse to resilient and highly profitable operations. And I've helped PCNs develop remarkable plans to achieve their vision through the creation of innovative projects and collaborations.
I know you want the best outcomes for your patients and your practice. And I can show you how.

Have a sustainable organisation that leaves patients delighted

Benefit from innovations

Harness our unique market insight to understand the innovations available which could help transform and future proof your practice, PCN or GP federation.

Improve staff recruitment & retention

We'll work with you to create a positive working culture where staff no longer feel overloaded and your practice is a place where people thrive and want to work.

Scale up with support at hand

Scaling up is a big decision, whether you are a single practice or a PCN. Benefit from our significant experience helping practices scale at every level.

Be more efficient

I can help you implement simple processes and practices that will streamline your operations and create a more efficient service.

Realise your vision

We'll help you develop an achievable plan, with realistic goals to help you stay focused and measure your progress. Your vision need not be out of reach.

Reduce your overheads

Together we will identify ways to reduce your overheads and make strategic cost savings to get your finances back on track.


Scott has supported Lumos Diagnostics with an excellent online training package that has enabled the team to really focus in on identifying the right customer and the right message, which is critical for our small team so that we can best utilise the limited resource for maximum return. I'd highly recommend this to other teams looking to identify business ready organisations and to move away from acquisition costs to complete pathway costs.

"Scott helped us not only in the formation of our Federation but on a continuing basis. Scott has a powerful personality which wins him the respect of those he works with and his ingenuity keeps us on our toes! He is an exceptional and inspirational leader, self motivated and dedicated to the success of the projects he works on. His knowledge base is phenomenal.”


Lynn Slater

Director of Primary Care Warwickshire
GP Federation

"I've used Scott for three different challenges - setting up a CCG, setting up the ABC Federation and most recently facilitating discussions between my practice and another local practice who wish to merge. Scott has an unrivalled knowledge and experience of the workings of the NHS. He has the uncanny ability to ask the most difficult of questions in a manner that is disarmingly charming. He can spot the elephant in the room and get everyone else to acknowledge it and come up with a solution to resolve it. He works tirelessly until the job is completed. ”

Dr Joe McGilligan

GP Governing Body Member at
Surrey Heartlands CCG

“I have worked with Scott for a number of years on projects involving federations of GP practices. Scott has a good understanding of NHS structures and policy. His great strengths are his ability to demystify the jargon, to engage with GPs and practice managers, to inspire and motivate practices and federation boards and to help them find practical solutions to the challenges they face.”

Alison Oliver

Partner at Hempsons

Get the practice, PCN or GP federation you always envisioned

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  • Step 3. Build a sustainable organisation you can be proud of
    Start transforming your practice, PCN or GP federation into a resilient and sustainable organisation where staff are not over-burdened and patients get an excellent service.

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