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Find The Right Leads, Engage Decision-Makers And Nail The Pitch With NHS Insider Insight In This Two-Day Immersive Sales Development Workshop For Market Access And Sales Teams

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The NHS is changing – now is not the time to stand still

As market access to the NHS evolves with the move to integrated care systems you know a shift in approach is vital to keep one step ahead of your competitors and win buy in from key decision-makers. The problem is, knowing what your team should be doing in theory and actually putting that into practice can be two very different things.

  • Is your team still leading your pitch with the product you sell?
  • Is your customer left wondering where your product fits within a complete pathway approach?
  • Has your team analysed (and presented) the wider benefits the customer can expect from your offer?

When you’re team’s not fully equipped for the job, you risk wasting time and money when you should be landing exceptional deals and leaving your competition in your wake.

The NHS doesn’t want to hear about your products

Decision-makers within the NHS check out products and the NICE guidelines long before they meet with sales reps. So if your pitch isn’t primarily focused on the problem you will solve for them, including how you’ll solve it and the outcomes patients will benefit from, you are missing out on opportunities to land your projects. But changing the way you approach prospecting and pitching can be unnerving. You need practical guidance and NHS inside insight to shape your approach into a compelling and irresistible pitch your team can sell with confidence.


Translating NHS Guidance Into Practical Steps Your Team Can Take To Land More Products, Faster

Identify alternative routes to market

Figure out how the PCN DES and the Impact and Investment Fund can provide other routes to engagement for your team.

Adjust your approach to what the NHS wants

Pivot your strategy to make sure your products resonate at System, Place, Network and with GP federations.

Adopt a winning perspective

Define every step in your product pathway to move the focus from drug acquisition cost to complete pathway acquisition cost.


‘Your knowledge and experience has been vital to delivering a successful project. Your interaction with the AMs and IAMs really got the best out of them which should develop their knowledge, skills and learnings. I have no doubt that we will work together again.’

Waseem Younis,

Training Manager,

Learning and Development


The level of change and attainment observed from the group was fantastic. I’m sure I speak on behalf of many of my colleagues when saying, it was a real pleasure working with you and learning from you.’

Jey Vadher,

Regional Business Manager

R17 North London

Fast track your team to success

This two-day hands-on workshop is tailored to your team’s specific needs and will focus on real challenges you’re facing. By using live projects we ensure no time is wasted. Your team will ‘get stuff done’ as part of their training, enjoy tangible outcomes and learn critical skills they can immediately implement in day-to-day work.


We’ll interview your customers on your behalf to find out their key concerns and issues. We’ll find out how likely they are to engage and what motivates their engagement.


Then we’ll use this insight to create a brief for you to assess and score your representatives on how they engage with the customer, how they handle objections and how they approach and close the pitch.


The ‘assessment’ process is a gamified immersive learning experience where small teams work collaboratively, under supervision, on different aspects of the customer journey. We encourage using a real scenario to make the exercise more meaningful and productive. Participants will be offered opportunities to proactively seek support to strengthen their process through role-play and by choosing to exchanging points for insight along the way.

Assess your team on:

  • Their understanding of the customer role and responsibility
  • Planning for the call
  • Clarifying the customer need
  • Identifying the right person to speak to
  • Ability to unearth key issues / concerns / perspectives about the project
  • Planning for objections and ability to overcome these
  • Qualifying the lead with supporting evidence
  • Understanding client motivation to engage the industry
  • Gathering evidence to support the proposal
  • Positioning the proposition
  • Closing the deal

Equip your team to sell successfully as the NHS evolves:

    – Schedule a call so we can discuss your challenges and tailor your workshop to move your team forward.
    – We’ll take care of the prep, carrying out comprehensive research to make sure your assessment workshop is meaningful and effective
    – Tap into NHS industry insight to upskill your team so they can sell with confidence, reaching the key decision-makers and creating an irresistible project pitch to land the deal you all deserve.

The Complete Pathway Programme is ideal for...

  • Senior leaders
  • National Sales Managers
  • Regional Business Managers
  • Market Access teams
  • Key Account Managers
  • Healthcare Development
  • National Account Managers
  • Hospital Specialists
  • Medical educators
  • Brand and Marketing Teams

If you're struggling to get your product or project in front of the right people,
The Complete Pathway Programme will show you how.

Post-workshop support - access our extensive NHS contact database with 1-2-1 coaching for your sales team

We also deliver 1-2-1 coaching with senior sales teams to help them access the NHS through our own client base. If you would like to find out how we can work with you or your team, please do not hesitate to schedule a no-obligation call to find out how we can help. The NHS is moving fast – now is not the time to stand still. If we’re not moving alongside it, you risk getting left behind. Our clients have enjoyed significant success in converting their pitch to projects using this effective approach.

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