Transform your NHS sales and market access approach and land key projects with game-changing keynote speaking

Unlock the secrets to landing your pharma, med tech or device project with tailored keynote speaking from Scott McKenzie, the UK’s leading authority in NHS sales

Presentations tailored to your challenges

Up-to-the minute customer insights

Proven roadmap to NHS sales success

Get the inside track on NHS sales success

You’ve spent years refining your product and you know it could improve patient outcomes. But getting it on the NHS’s agenda is another matter. Overworked decision-makers are too time poor to sit through yet another uninspired sales pitch. But getting an audience that will sit down and give you a fair hearing shouldn’t be so tough. That’s precisely why I, in conjunction with the Life Science Access Academy, have devised a new, ground-breaking course that goes straight to the heart of the obstacles you’re facing and shows you in practical steps how to decisively overcome them.

  • Give your delegates tangible solutions
  • Hear real world examples of success
  • Learn how to leverage NHS priorities

A captivating speaker with unrivalled credentials in NHS sales performance success

Tasked with finding an inspired speaker who can lift the lid on NHS market access for Pharma, MedTech and Device firms? Wouldn’t it be good to find someone who has sat on both sides of the table in countless negotiations and brokered countless deals worth millions? After almost 20 years as an NHS management consultant and a long tenure as national sales lead in pharma, Scott McKenzie brings precisely that knowledge to your event. Scott continues to work inside the NHS today and he landed pharma, med tech and device company clients no less than 53 projects with the NHS in 2023 alone – to a value in excess of £4m+. Scott is regularly called on to deliver insightful presentations for industry audience and is a subject matter expert in NHS sales for the Life Science Access Academy. And he will tailor his keynote presentations to share priceless customer insights that shine a light on how your team can do this too.

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"Scott was supremely knowledgeable and took our group from being extremely ignorant to very confident in the finer details of primary care. No question was too simple and no request too much. We all found his support invaluable and left the sessions much better for them."

Ross Moore - Patchwork

When you hire Scott you can expect:

Extra help: Scott is personable, accessible and easy-going. He is always happy to connect with your audience beforehand and stay back to answer any remaining questions afterwards.


Bespoke content: We’ll discuss the substance of the talk together beforehand so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting – it will be tailored to suit the needs of your audience.


Takeaway resources: Your delegates will be offered access to Scott’s high value takeaway templates to hit the ground running with their next steps.


The right result: With the professionalism and knowledge nearly two decades in this industry brings, your audience will leave enthused and with the practical advice they need to flourish.

Three steps to landing your NHS cash projects:

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  • Step 1. Book A Call. Schedule a call direct with Scott. You can talk through what you’re looking for and see if he is a good fit for your event.
  • Step 2. Plan The Event. Scott will work with you to tailor the talk to the topics you want to cover. You’ll agree times, location and any other relevant details for your time together.
  • Step 3. Let The Magic Happen. Watch your event run smoothly and your audience leave feeling positive and inspired – and ready to land the deals they all deserve.

Coaching, workshops and consultation for your teams

Scott offers a range of coaching, workshops and training services to support pharma, med tech and device company NHS market access teams. These can be tailored to unique individual and project-specific goals. He has also launched a 12-month mentorship programme with extensive 1-2-1 coaching, a raft of resources and tools as well as personal introductions to key NHS decision-makers to help you secure the projects you deserve.

Book the NHS sales performance speaker your market access and sales teams want to hear from


We’ve all sat through presentations which fail to chime with audiences because they’re clunky, boring or just plain irrelevant. There’s no need to settle for that. Schedule a call with Scott today and book an engaging speaker whose years of experience in NHS sales mean he knows what he’s talking about – and what your audience wants to hear.