Do you understand how to sell to Primary Care Networks?

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) have only been around for just over 4 years and yet they are the backbone of the modern NHS.

They receive and disperse a variety of payments for the healthcare of the communities they serve and the Pharma, MedTech and Appliance industry could be instrumental in helping PCNs spend that money in the most effective way possible.

The challenge for industry is understanding the funding streams, applying your products and projects in the most impactful ways, and reaching the right people to pitch to. For example – do you always target the clinical director? That’s often not the best way in.

Get to grips with the acronyms

I’ve teamed up with Life Science Access Academy to deliver a series of training modules which will give Pharma, MedTech and Appliance companies a complete understanding of the NHS, how it works and what they want from you.

My module on PCNs is a deep dive into what they are, how they’re structured and what they’re required to do and deliver.

The NHS loves an acronym, and this module is full of them. We’ll be looking at:

  • PCN DES – Direct Enhanced Service
  • IIF – Investment and Impact Fund
  • QoF – Quality and Outcomes Framework

QoF isn’t currently the remit of the PCNs, but we will have a look at where there might be some opportunity for industry to work with it.

Learn how to target your pitch at the right people

I will give delegates the very latest insights into what the networks are doing this year and how they’re currently operating. There’s likely to be an update on that, detailing plans for 2024, before the end of the year, and I will provide real-time updates as soon as that’s available, so you’ll know exactly what the latest guidance is and how it affects you in a timely fashion.

We’re also going to explain the payments the networks receive in forensic detail. The PCNs receive a range of payments, and you’ll learn the value of those payments and where that money goes. Crucially, we’ll also delve into how industry can support that delivery.

Where this module really delivers value to the Pharma, MedTech and Appliance sectors is in its targeting. You can have the best pitch in the world, but if it’s being delivered to the wrong person, it will not succeed.

There is a whole range of people – other than the clinical director – who industry should be targeting and working with. There are some brilliant opportunities in the member practices for them to take your messages into board meetings – but you need to understand how to have those conversations.

You need to understand the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme and the scope it offers for you. Enhanced Access is a huge opportunity for industry to work with PCNs but most people don’t even know it exists, let alone what they would do with it. I’ll tell you all about it and how you can make the most of it.

And this module will also dive into the Fuller stocktake report and the development of PCNs as part of the development of integrated neighbourhood teams, laying out a totally new and different landscape for industry to engage with.

We’ll apply this learning to the networks you work with

A good understanding of these key terms is absolutely essential and to help that I will provide a number of templates and checklists showing all the PCN payments and how to calculate them.

There will also be a PCN map of practices and people showing all the additional roles, which you can fill in for the networks you work with and easily identify the people from each practice that sit on the board and map the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme people against the network.

You’ll also learn how to work out the additional roles calculations, so you’ll know what the budget is for the network or networks you’re working with.

There’s huge value in attaining this level of understanding. You’ll see the problems the networks face and how you can help solve them, even making yourself indispensable to the networks going forward.

I know the industry can add huge value at network level because I’ve seen it done – I will show you exactly how that’s happened with real-world examples so you can go out and replicate that success in your own areas.

If you’re struggling to get a foothold in the NHS this programme is ideal for you. Sign up here