All the help you need to win over the NHS

Training and mentorship programmes to give you the insights required to forge productive relationships with the NHS 


The inside track on NHS requirements

Tailored insights on how to land a pitch

NHS structures & jargon explained

Create a pitch NHS decision-makers won’t be able to resist

In the chaos of overwhelming workload and unprecedented waiting lists, any sales pitch to the NHS has to demonstrate benefit within the first few seconds – otherwise, your opportunity will be lost. Your drug, project or service might be the best thing since sliced bread, delivering improved patient outcomes and saving precious NHS resources. But if it’s not delivered with a sizzle, doesn’t immediately show why it’s helpful or it’s made to the wrong person, your pitch will be blown away. That’s precisely why I, in conjunction with the Life Science Access Academy, have devised two new, ground-breaking training and mentorship programmes that will give you all the ammunition you need to get in front of the right NHS decision-makers and deliver a compelling, supercharged presentation they simply won’t be able to ignore. 

  • Online learning modules
  • Real world success stories
  • Bespoke insight on NHS priorities 

I can help get your products to the decision-makers

In almost two decades of pitching products, medicines and devices to the NHS on behalf of my clients, I’ve helped market access and sales teams clear countless hurdles and get fantastic results. In 2023 I helped them land no less than 53 projects. Now I’ve produced two training and mentorship programmes that combine training and sales coaching, explicitly tailored to the NHS, to give you a complete understanding of what the health service requires from you. You’ll receive all the resources and templates you need to create efficient processes and you’ll get the chance to ask specific questions about your own client challenges. These courses will get you ahead of the competition and sat down opposite the people who buy for the NHS with the tools in your pocket to get you over the line. 

Take your pick from two learning and mentorship programmes


Mentorship, training and resources for current and aspiring NHS project leaders and teams. 

  • Identify and access ‘business ready’ customers
  • Build compelling projects and case studies
  • Generate a replicable system and process
  • Harness the influence of key opinion leaders
  • Learn the process that landed 53 NHS projects in 2023

What’s included: 

Sales mastery mentorship 12 x 90-minute 1:1 bespoke mentoring sessions.  

12 x online modules – Leverage the NHS agenda, win buy-in, build better relationships and develop a credible offer. Bonus modules to align with NHS updates. 

Time saving templates – 36 time saving templates, checklists and tools to streamline your sales process. 

Customer insights – 12 x full-length interviews from key NHS stakeholders. 


Online training and resources for any staff member who engages with the NHS. 

  • Bespoke insights on what the NHS wants
  • How to get the right people around the table
  • Key NHS structures explained

What’s included: 

6 x online modules Understand your customers within NHS networks, how to map stakeholders, where the funding flows and how to ask the right questions to engage stakeholders. 

Customer interview highlights – Golden market access insights from key NHS decision-makers. 

9 x time-saving templates – Streamline your sales process and land high-value conversations. 

Sales mastery mentorship 2 x 30 to 90 minute Team bespoke mentoring sessions.

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"Scott ran a series of workshops and 1-2-1 sessions on working with primary care and I could not recommend him highly enough. He was supremely knowledgeable about the changes sessions, he took our group from being extremely ignorant to very confident in the finer details of primary care. No question was too simple and no request too much. We all found his support invaluable and left the sessions much better for them."

Ross Moore - Patchwork

Pharmaceutical sales meeting

Three steps to landing your NHS projects

  • Step 1. Select your preferred programme. Whether gold or silver, don’t lose out on these groundbreaking courses.
  • Step 2. Complete the modules. Gain the understanding you need by following the course – and don’t forget I’m available via email for follow-up questions and advice.
  • Step 3. Use the modules. I’ve packed in bonus materials and practical advice that give you everything you need to transform the way you sell today. Use the knowledge you’ve gained to establish your projects and ideas on NHS treatment pathways.

Ready to start improving patient outcomes?

With waiting lists too long to make sense of and crushing workloads on every member of staff, there’s never been a more difficult time to get through to the NHS. My training and mentorship programmes show you how to cut through the noise and successfully pitch your products, medicines and devices to the right people. Explore the packages on offer today and get ready to book your place in front of the real decision-makers.