Navigating the NHS maze – a blueprint for market entry

When you’re standing with a product in hand that you believe in – something that could genuinely make a difference in patient outcomes – it can be frustrating when the gap between you and the NHS decision-makers feels insurmountable.

Let’s face it – the key stakeholders you need to reach are often just too swamped to give your pitch the time of day.

But the key issue isn’t your product, it’s connection. The NHS, with its ever-evolving structure and priorities, isn’t easy to navigate. That’s where knowledge becomes your most valuable asset. Understanding the intricate workings of the NHS can transform your approach from a cold pitch to a compelling conversation.

Here’s what I’ve learned over nearly two decades of working directly with the NHS. It’s not just about having a great product; it’s about knowing how the NHS operates, who to talk to, and what they want to hear.

Understanding the jigsaw pieces that make up the NHS

First, let’s talk Integrated Care Systems (ICS). They’re more than just a jigsaw piece in the NHS puzzle, they’re the cornerstones. Grasping the concept of ICSs is crucial. These key organisations are the NHS Statutory Body where decisions about patient pathways and services are made. And if your project aligns with their priorities, you’re already ahead of the game.

Now, onto Primary Care Networks with the Enhanced Access and the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme. These are not just buzzwords, they present real opportunities. Opportunities for you to position your product as a solution to real-time challenges faced by the NHS.

When you understand how to position your product in a way that can make Enhanced Access more than just another initiative, that’s when the magic happens and your project can become a reality. In truth though, I see people overlook the huge amount of opportunity here every day. It just takes a little creativity.

I talk about this next point a lot – for good reason. It’s the absolute 101 of selling to the NHS, yet I’ve sat around the other side of the table many times and have seen that this approach is still grossly undervalued when it comes to compiling a compelling sales pitch.

You simply can’t sell a solution without understanding the problem. Your product isn’t just a product, it’s an answer to a need, a salve to a pain point within the NHS. The better you can articulate this, the more ears you’ll have tuned to what you have to say.

Ground-breaking online learning to give you the practical insight and process to land NHS projects

Getting this depth of understanding isn’t easy, which is why I’ve condensed my years of experience into a new online course in conjunction with the Life Science Access Academy.

My NHS And Market Access For The NHS In England – Diploma Level 1 course will give you the map to navigate the NHS maze. You’ll gain insights into key NHS structures, the decision-making process, and practical tips on tailoring your sales pitch to what really resonates with NHS contacts.

The course is more than just modules, it’s an interactive guide to developing productive relationships with your NHS counterparts. From mapping Integrated Care Boards to understanding Primary Care Networks and national PCN specifications – it’s a treasure trove of insights that have been tried and tested by my clients over the years.

It will give you the tools you need to approach NHS decision-makers not with a cold pitch, but with a proposition that speaks directly to their agenda.

The Diploma Level 1 Modules: Your Comprehensive Guide to NHS Market Access

The NHS and Market Access Level 1 Diploma is a strategic deep dive into the very fabric of the NHS infrastructure and a way to sharpen your market access acumen. Here’s what you’ll explore in detail:

Module 1: Understand Integrated Care Systems

  • Grasp the essence of System, Place, and Network within Integrated Care Systems.
  • Follow the development and ambitions of the NHS Long-Term Plan.
  • Learn to navigate and map out Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) effectively.
  • Discover what’s on the ICB commissioner’s agenda and align your projects with it.
  • Unpack the workings of Primary Care Networks and their budgets, distinguishing between contractual obligations and optional initiatives.|

Module 2: Enhanced Access

  • Decode the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme and its implications for your business.
  • Identify key individuals within PCNs who can turn the tide for your projects.
  • Utilise Enhanced Access to your advantage and comprehend its value in monetary terms.
  • Capitalise on the Investment and Impact Fund by understanding its potential for your projects.
  • Analyse the Fuller stocktake report for insights into the future of primary care.

Module 3: Sell to the Problem

  • Recognise the importance of workload, workforce, and innovation in your sales narrative.
  • Conduct four crucial project tests to refine your pitch and ensure your project’s viability.
  • Address common objections and learn strategies for phasing and scaling your projects.
  • Differentiate your approach and learn why adding a CQC Audit can significantly enhance your project’s value.

These modules are designed to give you invaluable insights into the mechanics of the NHS to help you understand how to tailor your sales strategies to meet the needs of the most influential decision-makers within the system.

It’s about equipping you with the knowledge to not only get your foot in the door but to also ensure that your products and services become integral to patient care pathways.

Are you ready to demystify the NHS landscape? The course launches early 2024. If you’re interested in bridging that gap and equipping yourself with the knowledge to not only pitch your product but to become a sought-after partner by the NHS, get in touch for more details so you can be at the front of the queue when registrations open.

Don’t let your innovation go unnoticed. It’s time for your projects to receive the recognition and placement they deserve on NHS treatment pathways.