How to identify the right GP Federations and PCNs to work with

When you haven’t identified who your ideal client base is you risk wasting time and resources chasing the wrong organisations. And your chances of landing your drugs, device technology projects start to fade.

But when your client base is the NHS the different levels and structures to navigate can feel overwhelming – whether you are a Sales Representative, Healthcare Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Secondary Care Specialist, or part of the Market Access Team. In this blog we’ve gathered some key information to help you identify the right organisations for your business to target.

Identifying the right client base to target and work with is a critical part of your sales process.

And two of your key targets are likely to be the GP Federations and Primary Care Networks.

How to identify the best GP Federations to work with

Ideally, you need to be looking for those that:

  • Are business-ready – in other words – they have the capacity and ability to take your project on
  • Have a track record of high quality and consistent care delivered without unwarranted variation
  • Have delivered over a number of years

In our experience, GP Federations that fit these criteria are likely to engage quickly and want to get to delivery. They will see the relationship as two-way and will work with you in order to support you to support them.

Where can you find information on GP Federations?  

For the GP Federations, the place to head to online is Companies House. When you arrive on the front page, you then need the exact name of the company. This website does not work like Google and will not search for you.

What information about GP Federations should you be looking for?

Once onto the company record, you will have three tabs: overview, filing history and people.

Overview: Here you can see how long the company has been in business, which then comes in handy when you move to the second tab.

Filing history: On this tab we are looking for their most recent accounts. The accounts will give you an indication of turnover and income over the last 2 years (you can go back further if you wish) and show whether the company is fully functioning as a business. If the company has been running three or four years and there is no income to speak of, alarm bells should ring and you might want to find another target.

People: This tab will give you an up-to-date list of the Board of Directors, which of course provides you with a list of people to target speaking with, as they are responsible for the day-to-day running of the company.

Lastly, you may then search for a company website and see what services they are running and, if they share their plans, what they have in development.  

Why your GP Federation research is vital

In doing this piece of work before you make an approach you will know whether they are functioning, what has been achieved to date, what their plans are and who is on the Board. Working this way, you can ensure you target the right federations and the right people.

How to research Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

For Primary Care Networks, NHS Digital has published ODS (Organisational Data Service) codes for all PCNs.  In addition to the PCN codes, ODS data will include information on the core partner relationships from practices to PCNs and the relationship between the PCN and a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

You can find everything you need on the NHS Digital website here.

Identifying key contacts in PCNs

You will be able to access the details for all 1250 PCNs on there and can then map them to the local GP federation. From there you can start to identify who the key people are in the PCNs. You may also then want to map the PCNs to the local GP Federation and see if there is any overlap in people. It is not uncommon to find Clinical Directors and Practice representatives in the PCN also sitting on the Board of Directors for the PCN.

There is a lot more you can do beyond this information, but this is a good place to start.

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