A Failsafe Way To Avoid Leading A Pitch To The NHS With Your Product

Sales pitch meeting

If you’re familiar with my articles you’ll know I often advise the Pharma, MedTech and Devices industry to never lead their pitch to the NHS with details of their product. Why? Because your prospects are extremely time-strapped and need to first understand which of their many challenges your product proposes to solve for them. For…

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Are Limited Companies The Way Forward For GP Practices?

In one of his last acts before resigning and triggering the series of events leading up to Boris Johnson’s resignation, then-Health Secretary Sajid Javid spoke at the NHS ConfedExpo 2022 in Liverpool. He told delegates the current primary care model of general practice is not working, and he promised a plan for change. How that…

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Lack of a single vision will always damage NHS practice outcomes

GP sitting at his desk

The lack of a single vision is, more often than not, the reason why a Primary Care Network (PCN), General Practice, or GP federation is falling short of the expectations of the Membership and the people working within it. Without a coherent voice, we end up in a world of divide and conquer, people within…

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Map Out Your Pathway Before You Commit

Female Doctor smiling at desk

The key to success in the Pharma industry is a rigorous understanding of the pathway – the pipeline of patient care that can be broken down into all its constituent parts. To embed projects into patient pathways, you have to understand the whole pathway, not just the section of it that suits what you want…

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Drive your pitch to the heart of the problem

2 people shaking hands

As we take our first tentative steps out of the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a fantastic array of project and proposal ideas coming out of the Pharma, Med Tech and Devices sector. Some of these are brilliant ideas and suggestions. But devising and presenting these ideas, instead of working out precisely how…

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