Are you addressing the real problem for the NHS?

Rising demands on our healthcare service have left the NHS with an unmanageable workload exacerbated by a workforce crisis. The solution to which requires real innovation.

Within your work, do you position your drug, device or appliance against this agenda?

This is one of the first steps we take with our clients. Shifting their perspective and ensuring they move away from their own brand story to instead focus on demonstrating the positive impact their innovative approach will have on both the workload and workforce.

How does the proposal we put forward alleviate workload pressure on our client and their teams?

If our clients can’t address that problem somehow, we won’t propose the project. But they almost always can – it just a matter of communicating that.

A great starting point is to look at the maths.

Capacity is finite because it is based upon people. A typical clinical session is 3.5 hours in duration. If it’s worked in 10-minute appointments the capacity is 21 patients, if it’s 15-minute appointments, it’s 14 patients, if it’s 20 minutes it’s 10 patients and so on.

How will your offer positively impact that?  What does that add up to in real terms for the NHS?

Here are some key questions you could ask to address this:

  • Will they need to see the patient less often?
  • Can appointment times be positively affected?
  • Will you reduce referral, admission, bed days?
  • Will there be cost benefits from having have less waste or quicker results?
  • Are you anticipating improved accuracy/fewer repeat diagnostics?
  • Will patient outcomes be improved?

Reengineer your approach

The key is how you reengineer your approach. You want to engage positively and start to work beyond your molecule onto the NHS agenda. In order to do that you must accept you need to impact the workload and the workforce. Without that you will remain on your brand agenda and be much more likely to struggle to gain engagement.

If you are selling to the NHS and your approach fails to address the workload and workforce agenda, it’s time for a change. Or you risk walking through the door to the NHS offering savings but drawing a blank in terms of outcomes.

Need support repositioning your products and services? I’m confident I can show you how to achieve the success you deserve.

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