Primary Care Warwickshire Ltd- Case Study

A GP federation was needed to future proof a model of primary care for the 183,000 patient population of north Warwickshire.

They needed one company with one vision, where patients would be seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right healthcare professional, with the right resources available. But they didn’t know how to achieve this.

Scott McKenzie Consultancy tailored three workshops to develop the vision and plan for implementation.

Workshop 1 focused on company principles covering everything from terminology and shares through to rules for practices, funding and decision-making.

Outcome: First draft of the company principles. 

Workshop 2 finalised the company principles and focused on governance, risk management, business planning, communications and engagement and launch meeting development.

Outcome: Finalised company principles ready for launch meeting and agreed on timescales from launch to first board meeting.

Workshop 3 was the company launch meeting to secure commitment to the federation.  We presented workshop outcomes and invited questions to aid decision-making. We invited people to stand for election to the board of directors.

Project outcome: The company was founded on the principles of inclusivity, ownership and engagement, within a manageable workload. This is turn will support improved recruitment, resilience and sustainability, with an appropriate and innovative skill mix of staff.

The business was started by 16 of the 28 Practices, with the Board of Directors borrowing £40,000 from practices. It has grown to 22 members, the loan has been fully repaid and it is now a £multi-million business that holds major CCG contracts and hospital subcontracts.

Investment: Scott was contracted one day a month since 2014 to support the board to develop the business. This contract was renewed in 2019 for a further 5 years.



Scott is an exceptional and inspirational leader, self-motivated and dedicated to the success of the projects he works on. He is forward-thinking and always ahead of the curve. His knowledge base is phenomenal and his ingenuity keeps us on our toes!

Lynn Slater

Director, Primary Care Warwickshire Ltd

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