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After 10 years selling to the NHS for major pharmaceutical companies, and almost 20 years embedded within the NHS as a management consultant, I have unrivalled insight of the challenges faced by all sides involved in the NHS industry.

I've helped many GPs, PCNs and GP federations generate £millions in new contracted business and develop sustainable general practice. And I've landed 53 projects for pharma, med tech and device firms in 2023 alone helping to embed their value added projects and pathways NHS projects.

I will open your eyes to the considerable opportunities and innovations that await you and connect you with key decision makers to open up opportunities that improve pathways to care and transform outcomes for both the NHS and patients.

I know what it takes to achieve success from both perspectives. And I can share this with you too.


"I am delighted to recommend Scott McKenzie as a brilliant facilitator and fount of knowledge on all things PCN and NHS related.

We at Salutem PCN have had the pleasure of working with him over the last 5 years both in City wide meetings and, in particular, when he has led regular workshops for both the PCN Board and the wider PCN staff.

We have found him to be extremely wise and helpful in enabling us to grow and develop as a PCN in multiple ways. He is always organised and reliable and I greatly appreciate the time and effort he puts in to ensure that his presentations are specifically attuned to the needs of our PCN. I find him to be an excellent communicator, enjoyable, positive, and thought provoking.

I have also personally found him to be a great support to me when the PCN has gone through some rough patches.

I and the PCN Board greatly appreciate his input over the last few years."

Dr Aileen Tincello

Clinical Director, Salutem PCN

“As a Federation we have been working with Scott on our organisational development for a number of years.  We benefit from his breadth of knowledge and perspectives from across the country which you are not always aware of when working day-to-day.  As a senior leadership team it is great that Scott will work with us to plan sessions but then he’ll deliver them independently allowing us to focus on discussion and participation rather than multi-tasking.  We have moved forward significantly over the past 2 years and Scott is able to strike a great balance between encouraging us (by calling us one of his favourite Federation/PCNs) and challenging some of the thinking that can hold us back during difficult conversations.”

Laura Norton 


“Thanks, Scott for yesterday, your control and steer yesterday was flawless. Really appreciate the effort that went in and confident the PCN has made some progress. I will digest the information you sent over the coming week or so and be in touch about the next date to meet.”


PCN Business Manager

I first met Scott when I was trying to set up East Surrey CCG, and have had the pleasure of working with him on two other occasions. Second was setting up the ABC Federation and most recently has facilitated discussions between my practice and another local practice who wish to merge. Scott has an unrivalled knowledge and experience of the workings of the NHS. He has the uncanny ability to ask the most difficult of questions in a manner that is disarmingly charming. Not only can Scott spot the elephant in the room he can get everyone else to acknowledge it and come up with a solution to resolve it. He is man true to his word (unusual in modern times) and works tirelessly until the job is completed. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any project in the NHS

Dr Joe McGilligan

Greystone House Surgery, Redhill, Surrey

Scott McKenzie has provided inspirational and unwavering support to our nascent Federation, which has enabled us to gain a fair representation for Primary Care allowing us to deliver care closer to home through an assortment of innovative and engaging contracts. His approach is methodical, empirical and deliberate, never losing sight of the objective, whilst remaining sensitive to the needs of all organisations across the health economy within the new NHS Landscape.  He is a pleasure to work with, responds in a flexible and supportive manner and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Christian Townend

Chief Executive Officer at Newcastle GP Services Ltd

I doubt there is anyone with greater knowledge, experience and an ability to work all across the NHS landscape than Scott. I first met Scott when he was engaged by Bracknell and Ascot CCG to facilitate the formation of a Federation of the member GP Practices. I was instantly impressed with his energy, knowledge and personable approach which never wavered as he led a group, not familiar with business and company formation, to the successful creation of Berkshire Primary Care. From this point, he continued to support the directors providing leadership and motivation as and when needed. Always professional, and a great negotiator, he has an outstanding knowledge of commissioning, provisioning, contracts, general practice, primary care, secondary care and the pharmaceutical sector. He always keeps his word, doing what he promises quickly and effectively.

Practice Manager

The Waterfield Practice, Bracknell, Berkshire

I have worked with Scott in my various roles on projects over the years and more recently in my role as Director of Primary Care Warwickshire GP Federation. Scott is an exceptional and inspirational leader, self motivated and is dedicated to the success of the projects he works on. He is forward thinking and always ahead of the curve. His knowledge base is phenomenal and helped us not only in the formation of our Federation but on a continuing basis. Scott has a powerful personality which wins him the respect of those he works with and his ingenuity keeps us on our toes! Scott is highly recommended.

Lynn Slater

Director, Primary Care Warwickshire Ltd

I first met Scott 12 years ago, as we developed our PBC consortium, and I have kept in touch with him since that time. He has number of qualities: great breadth of experience, really innovative, an excellent understanding of national direction and policy, but perhaps most significantly the ability to turn ideas into reality. He has a real knack of keeping people focussed on the most important outcomes. He’s also a complete pleasure to work with.

Dr St John Livesey

Clinical Director for Urgent Care, NHS Sheffield CCG

Scott has a possibly unrivalled knowledge of the implementation of General Practice operating at scale, an excellent grasp of what NHS policies mean in practice and a wide variety of useful contacts to call on. Scott is able to convert his experience into enabling Primary Care Networks or Federations to bid for contracts and provide services at scale, potentially making NHS money go further.

Dr Helena McKeown

Chair of the Representative Body, British Medical Association

Scott is fantastic to work with. He has a wealth of knowledge on how Primary Care can transform itself. His naturally warm and enthusiastic personality is infectious and you quickly feel that in working with him together you can effect great change.,

Katrina Cleary

Out of Hospital Programme Director, South Yorkshire and  Bassetlaw Integrated Care System  

Working with Scott over the past year has been an absolute pleasure. His experience in identifying and delivering strategic approaches with primary care providers has complemented the skill set in my team and supported several large scale programmes with our customers. Scott delivers insight, challenge and solutions in support of this vital area of healthcare. Long may our collaboration continue.

Alison Westmacott

South Central and West CSU

Scott has offered us excellent advice and provided us with several ideas for new opportunities, as well as links to other industry professionals who have been able to support our work. We've found working with Scott to be tremendously beneficial and we hope to continue our relationship in the future.

Paul Friend

Pennine GP Alliance

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