Scott McKenzie’s NHS And Market Access Level 1 Diploma For The NHS In England

This three-module course will give you all the insights you need to drive productive relationships with your NHS contacts

Bespoke insights on what the NHS wants

Get the right people round the table

structures explained

Learn how to turbo boost your NHS sales pitch

You’ve spent years refining your product and you know it could improve patient outcomes. But getting it on the NHS’s agenda is another matter. Overworked decision-makers are too time poor to sit through yet another uninspired sales pitch. But getting an audience that will sit down and give you a fair hearing shouldn’t be so tough. That’s precisely why I, in conjunction with the Life Science Access Academy, have devised a new, ground-breaking course that goes straight to the heart of the obstacles you’re facing and shows you in practical steps how to decisively overcome them.

Get a complete understanding of how the NHS works

I have produced three online learning modules which aim to give Pharma, MedTech and Appliance companies comprehensive insight into what the NHS wants from its partners. What makes the difference between a sale and a ‘We’ll call you’? How do you convince people to find time to listen? We deep dive into all of it – the contacts you need to convince, the structures you need to get to grips with and the funding pots that could propel your idea off the drawing board. And if you have any questions at the end of that – I’ll be providing email support to help you with the next steps.

Exclusive NHS insight to help your firm build lucrative relationships – and land the project you need

Market access and sales teams stumble on the same hurdles every day when trying to pitch to the NHS – no matter how great their product or project. That’s why, for the first time ever, I’ve produced a holistic masterclass programme, that combines training and sales coaching, explicitly tailored to the NHS, to give you a complete understanding of what the NHS wants from you. You’ll receive a raft of resources and templates to create efficient processes and you’ll get the golden opportunity to ask specific questions about your own client challenges that will drill down into the critical detail that will get you ahead of your competition. The masterclass programme will also offer unprecedented access to key customer insight interviews so you can understand what makes the NHS buy – or not buy. What convinces people to find time for a product pitch? How do you then get them over the line? What evidence and data do they need to see? We cover it all.


"Scott ran a series of workshops and 1-2-1 sessions on working with primary care and I could not recommend him highly enough. He was supremely knowledgeable about the changes sessions, he took our group from being extremely ignorant to very confident in the finer details of primary care. No question was too simple and no request too much. We all found his support invaluable and left the sessions much better for them."

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NHS And Market Access Level 1 Diploma For The NHS In England – course details

After more than a decade selling to the NHS for major pharmaceutical companies, I know how to get your products, medicines and devices in front of the real decision-makers – and I’m going to share that knowledge with you in three easy-to-follow learning modules…

Module 1 Understand Integrated Care Systems

  • Integrated Care Systems, what we mean by System, Place and Network
  • How and why, building upon the NHS Long-Term Plan
  • Example integrated care boards (ICBs) and how to map any ICB
  • What’s on the ICB commissioner’s agenda and how to link any project to it
  • Primary Care Networks – the PCN DES
    • What they are and how they work
    • How to identify the PCNs
    • What budgets they have and what they are paid
    • What’s contractual and what’s optional for PCNs
    • The seven national PCN specifications

Module 2 Enhanced Access

  • Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme and what this means for you
  • Who are the people and who should you target (and why it’s not the Clinical Director)
  • Enhanced Access and how to use this to land your projects

What’s required from PCNs with Enhanced Access

How much is it worth

  • Investment and Impact Fund
  • What it is and how much it’s worth
  • How you can use this in your work
  • The Fuller stocktake report

Module 3 – Sell to the problem

  • What this all means for you
  • Workload, workforce, and innovation
  • Why you must sell the problem you solve
  • Four project tests you should make sure you pass and then use to pitch your projects
  • Why suboptimal treatment is likely to be fuelling their workload and how to use this in your projects
  • How to work beyond the molecule to land your projects
  • Objection handling, when they have a lack of time
  • How to phase projects over longer periods
  • How to pilot with one practice and scale to a whole ICB
  • Why you must differentiate and how to do this
  • Adding a CQC Audit to every project adds huge value, and I will show you how to do it

Three steps to landing your NHS cash projects:

Profile side photo of young man happy positive smile sit couch home speak talk videocall laptop meeting remote work seminar.
  • Step 1. Access the modules. Don’t lose out on this groundbreaking course – secure your place early.
  • Step 2. Complete the modulesGain the understanding you need by following the course – and don’t forget I’m available via email for follow-up questions and advice.
  • Step 3. Use the modules. . I’ve packed in bonus materials and practical advice that give you everything you need to transform the way you sell today. Use the knowledge you’ve gained to establish your projects and ideas on NHS treatment pathways.

Beat the competition and get your projects in front of the people that matter

I’ve spent almost 20 years working directly with the NHS as a management consultant. I know what attracts the attention of the decision-makers and I know how to get your products, devices and services onto the NHS’s agenda. If you want to get out in front of the competition and give the fruits of your labours the recognition they deserve, sign up today.