Innovate your NHS sales pitch

 Free webinar for pharmaceutical, med-tech and device teams
to engage key contacts in the NHS - and get them to listen.


5th November 2021 - 10am - 11am

Identify opportunities in the new White Paper

Capitalise on the current NHS agenda

Adopt a complete pathway approach

Understanding the NHS is only half the battle

If only you had the skills and knowledge to get your product noticed

While pharmaceutical, med-tech and device firms have become increasingly aware of the challenges faced by the NHS, customer engagement remains one of the greatest obstacles. It’s frustrating when you can’t move forward and get your project the exposure you know it deserves.

Get to grips with the new landscape

Reposition your approach

Reap the rewards you deserve

“Scott is supremely knowledgeable about the changes in the NHS and how best to work with GP networks to achieve shared goals. He took our group from being extremely ignorant to very confident. We found his support invaluable.”

RM, Patchwork

Selling to the NHS doesn’t need to be a headache

Scott McKenzie spent a decade selling to the NHS for major pharmaceutical companies, and has been embedded within the NHS as a management consultant for 15 years. He has unrivalled insight of the challenges faced by all sides involved in the NHS industry.


Scott supports pharma, med tech and device firms to land their value-added projects by opening people’s eyes to the opportunities and innovations out there to improve pathways to care and transform outcomes for both the NHS and patients. He will share this with you too in this 60-minute webinar packed with top tips and working practice examples.

Your webinar presentation will include:

The new
white paper

  • What is meant by working at System, Place and Network levels?
  • The key items you need to know and understand from the white paper and how to use them in your work
  • What does an example Integrated Care System look like?
  • Who are my key stakeholders likely to be?


The current agenda
within the NHS

  • Too much workload and not enough workforce, why you need real innovation to address this
  • How do you fit on the new agenda?
  • The winning 3-step formula that will get people listening

Why you need to be taking a complete pathway approach

  • What is a high quality and standardised approach without unwarranted variation and why is it important
  • How to line your ducks up – how to place the right patient, in the right place, at the right time, with the right healthcare professional with the resources to deliver the care required
  • Turning your work into a 2 or 4 cycle CQC audit

Scott will allow around 15 minutes for Q+A at the end

Book today and put your frustrations at those dead leads behind you. Instead, feel empowered to take on your competition and achieve the sales success you deserve.