The Complete Pathway Programme

Consultancy to embed your product or service in the NHS

Access your target
market quicker

Know how to
win the deal

Enjoy the success
you deserve

It’s frustrating when great opportunities feel out of reach

You may have game-changing products the NHS would engage, but it can be hard to identify the right customers to work with and then get through their door. Even when you do, it's a challenge to get across the true total pathway value and benefit of your offer to clinch the deal. It’s frustrating when great opportunities feel out of reach for your team because the pitch process is so complex.

No more chasing dead-end leads in the NHS

The NHS is a beast of an organisation to access from the commissioning side. And without a comprehensive understanding of your target audience, your teams risk wasting time and resources chasing the wrong people. When they’re already busy developing case studies, key opinion leaders and advocates for your products and projects, that doesn’t leave much time left for strategy planning and research.

 You need a guide to show your teams how to avoid dead-end leads, pinpoint target prospects, and create a compelling pitch to land the deals you deserve.

Develop Winning

Learn about the winning processes we use to double our clients’ revenue so you and your team can get the results you desire

Reach the right

Know how to target the people that matter, and we’ll help connect you with our extensive network of NHS decision-makers

Get your projects

Identify commissioners’ and providers’ needs and buying motivations so you can engage and compel your key contacts to do business with you.

Help your team develop the perfect sales pitch

I understand the challenges you’re up against. I spent ten years in the pharmaceutical industry, working my way up to National Sales Manager. So, I know how exasperating it can be when your efforts seem fruitless. I’ve become a trusted management consultant working inside the NHS for 15 years. I support Integrated Care Systems' development through my work with General Practice in Primary Care Networks, GP federations, and super practices. Utilising pharmaceutical and NHS experience, I use a vast long-established network to connect pharmaceutical companies with the people they need to speak to in the NHS. Clients have doubled their revenue by taking this approach, and I can help you do this too.

Tailored service to suit your specific challenges

When you contract our service, you can expect a clear understanding of how to fully embed your products into treatment pathways, giving you the edge over your competitors. We’ve designed our programme to focus on strategy and core capabilities, so your team will learn everything they need to know to achieve your business goals.


Understand the shift from Clinical Commissioning Groups to the development of Integrated Care Systems. Identify their leadership, the development plan, structure, key people and how they operate - Including engagement with Primary Care Networks, GP federations, super practices, community services, hospitals, private providers and the Community and Voluntary Sector.

Core capabilities:

Understand the customer needs and priorities and know how to align your offer to deliver increased sales and market share.

Our support is always tailored to your specific needs, and we deliver in a variety of formats, including:

  • Workshops: Online and classroom workshops examine real case studies and offer up-to-date market insight to support the development of your value-added projects so your team can transform their approach to pitching.
  • 1:2:1 coaching: You will get dedicated 1:2:1 coaching sessions with Scott McKenzie, who will work with you to help you discover the solutions to your biggest challenges.
  • Policy review: Interpretation of key NHS policy documents and likely impact they will have. This includes opinion pieces on NHS documents and how your team can turn these into sales opportunities
  • Full pathway redesign: I'll help you understand how to reposition your project to maximise the value for your target client
  • Keynote speaking: I can attend and speak at your company conferences (travel overseas is subject to COVID-19 restrictions and additional costs apply)
  • Online meetings: I can support your regional team by providing market updates, latest news, insight and applicability to your work, while answering any questions
  • Board level updates: Working with senior managers, we can provide news digests in an easy to understand format, with additional opinion on likely impacts for your business
  • WebEx: A live WebEx every quarter on the latest news and updates from the NHS. We can get down into the product-specific questions and opportunities. Each WebEx includes live examples from my work and targets your product portfolio and the opportunities available. All sessions are recorded and available to you for future review.


“Scott has supported Lumos Diagnostics with an excellent online training package that has enabled the team to really focus in on identifying the right customer and the right message, which is critical for our small team so that we can best utilise the limited resource for maximum return. I'd highly recommend Scott to other teams looking to identify business ready organisations and to move away from acquisition costs to complete pathway costs.”

Marc Winrow


Scott ran for us a series of workshops and 1-1 sessions on working with primary care and I could not recommend him highly enough. He was supremely knowledgeable about the changes in the NHS and how best to work with GP networks to achieve shared goals. Over these sessions, he took our group from being extremely ignorant to very confident in the finer details of primary care. No question was too simple and no request too much. We all found his support invaluable and left the sessions much better for them.

Ross Moore

Regional Solutions Manager at Patchwork Health

Having worked with Scott on my Senior sales team's development I can assure you that you will be working with one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches who inspires exceptional audience confidence. Scott's years of experience selling into the NHS and then using this knowledge to develop structured courses that are up to date offering measured outcomes, along with his amazing network certainly means that he will bring huge benefits to any organisation who is sensible enough to contract him.

David Laurence,

National Sales Director at Biocomposites

I first had the pleasure of working with Scott back in 2013 whilst I was the Market Access Manger for Acclarent, Johnson and Johnson. Scott provides an honest, open and transparent approach and is able to navigate a complex system and offers tangible solutions. I appreciated Scott’s collaborative and tailored approach and will look forward to continuing partnering in the future.

Samantha Bramley,

Director of Market Access and Reimbursement, Roche Sequencing Solutions

The Complete Pathway Programme is ideal for...

  • Senior leaders
  • National Sales Managers
  • Regional Business Managers
  • Market Access teams
  • Key Account Managers
  • Healthcare Development
  • National Account Managers
  • Hospital Specialists
  • Medical educators
  • Brand and Marketing Teams

If you're struggling to get your product or project in front of the right people,
The Complete Pathway Programme will show you how.

Don't lose out to the competition any longer:

    Access customers
    who are business ready with a track record of owning, driving and implementing remarkable complete pathway projects that embed your products and services in those pathways
    Build remarkable projects
    and case studies that demonstrate the art of what’s possible within a complete pathway approach, providing a replicable system and process for future working with the NHS
    Develop key opinion leaders
    and advocates for the products and projects your teams develop and implement with them

So, schedule a call today.

We accept a limited number of clients at any one time for a minimum of six months’ consultancy - so get in touch to avoid disappointment. We’ll tailor a plan to your specific challenges, so your team gains the skills, knowledge and connections needed to embed your products, devices and medicines as part of a complete pathway approach.

The Complete Pathway Programme

The Complete Pathway Programme is tailored for a minimum of six months and will help you embed your projects, devices and molecules. You will:

  • create better joint working
  • develop value-added projects
  • improve stakeholder engagement
  • understand who pays for what within the NHS.
  • support implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan and new GP Contract
  • get access to business-ready organisations, your ideal clients.

The NHS Agenda

Understand the workforce, workload and a need for innovation. Work beyond the molecule and offer a more sophisticated solution.

Integrated Care Systems

Learn how to map your Integrated Care Systems and build a new customer base knowing what, how, why, who, and where your customers are.

Federations, super practices and PCNs

Identify the right customers for you to work with and where your opportunities really lie.

Shifting care

Moving care out of hospital, what it means and how it works. Learn about directly commissioned services or subcontracting with your local hospital.


"Scott's strengths are clearly his most excellent understanding of the NHS."

Scott is working alongside our team, both on an individual and a team training basis. A recent day out with Scott meant he introduced me to Primary Care Network Managers and GP Federation Service Managers across London, leading to two very successful discussions with the potential for two projects that meet all agendas whilst remaining patient-centric. Scott's strengths are clearly his most excellent understanding of the NHS and its ever-evolving landscape, his ability to effortlessly network and paired with his easy manner leads to engaging conversations that ultimately culminates in a bespoke solution offering.


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