Does your product messaging align with what the NHS actually wants?

When working with one of my Pharma, MedTech and Devices clients in the summer, I noticed the language used by the market access team was mainly: “I need tools, I need data, I need something snazzy I can take to the customer.” It took me less than half an hour to dismantle this way of…

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NHS negotiations – how to challenge commissioning objections

I sat in a meeting recently with one of my Pharma, MedTech and Devices industry contacts where I was coaching my client, who had run up against a brick wall with the NHS commissioner. In their most recent meeting, they had barely got started and the answer coming back from the NHS was: “No. Nope.…

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A Failsafe Way To Avoid Leading A Pitch To The NHS With Your Product

Sales pitch meeting

If you’re familiar with my articles you’ll know I often advise the Pharma, MedTech and Devices industry to never lead their pitch to the NHS with details of their product. Why? Because your prospects are extremely time-strapped and need to first understand which of their many challenges your product proposes to solve for them. For…

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