Could GPs Take On More Work? That’s Not As Daft As It Sounds

I’ve written a lot recently about the potential for hospitals to subcontract work to general practice via either the practices themselves, the primary care networks or potentially a GP federation. On the face of it, even the thought of piling more work onto GPs seems preposterous. How on Earth could GPs – already drowning in…

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Are Limited Companies The Way Forward For GP Practices?

In one of his last acts before resigning and triggering the series of events leading up to Boris Johnson’s resignation, then-Health Secretary Sajid Javid spoke at the NHS ConfedExpo 2022 in Liverpool. He told delegates the current primary care model of general practice is not working, and he promised a plan for change. How that…

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Are we crippling the NHS with a cost-based approach to patient care?

NSH Doctor

In my work, I often see examples of the NHS entirely focusing on the money. If a patient is prescribed a drug that costs £200, but there’s an alternative for £20, all too often, it’s the one for £20 that is dispensed. But that sometimes forgets about the patient on the end of that decision.…

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Lack of a single vision will always damage NHS practice outcomes

GP sitting at his desk

The lack of a single vision is, more often than not, the reason why a Primary Care Network (PCN), General Practice, or GP federation is falling short of the expectations of the Membership and the people working within it. Without a coherent voice, we end up in a world of divide and conquer, people within…

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Five points for feedback best practice in NHS and Pharma

Don’t just turn up with a problem – bring the solution along as well I can’t remember where I was the first time I heard the above phrase, but it has always stuck with me. It applies to not just NHS providers in the Pharma, MedTech, and Devices industries but also NHS practices, federations, and…

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Extra time for Integrated Care Systems – but how best to use it?

The most common questions I’m being asked by pharmaceutical, medical technology and device companies since the start of the year are around the development of integrated care systems. Originally planned for April, NHS England has now confirmed that the implementation of integrated care systems will begin from July instead. This gives healthcare systems a breather…

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